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Should you request any of these reports, you will soon find out that our experience pays off. We go beyond ordinary sources of raw data and not only dig deep with both public source and proprietary databases, but also use our network of human sources to provide the client with a well thought out analytical report, that is concise but detailed. And we still actually talk to regular people to provide the human intelligence so desperately lacking in today’s fast paced technologically driven information marketplace. 

Due Diligence

one of our most sought after reports. Our thorough background checks include a search of civil and criminal litigation, driving records, professional licensing, real property, motor vehicles, site visits, photos, English and Spanish media, reputation inquiries…

Asset Report

real and personal property, liquid assets, business involvement. We can also consult on strategies to collect from a debtor, both domestic and international.

Death Verification

we work with many Northern American life insurance companies and their agents to verify the deaths of foreign nationals to satisfy claims. We keep a keen eye out for any frauds.

Intellectual Property

We have actively purchased counterfeit goods and identified the supply chain for enforcement purposes.

We actively attend IP conferences worldwide to maintain contacts in the legal industry that defends IP rights.

Site Location Services

f you your business are re-locating to Costa Rica, we provide the support services to ensure a safe and comfortable move. Whether it be a security survey of your prospective new location or guided transportation for your executive staff to and from the airport, we can provide you with a tailored service to fit your needs.

Location Reports/Missing Persons

With an acute knowledge of the database systems in the country and contacts in every major region, we can quickly and efficiently locate your subject and/or provide you with a plan of action should it become difficult.

Bail Bond Recovery

we service bond companies and attorneys in all of Latin America locating individuals with active warrants and work with local law enforcement for the processing of California 1305(g) motions to recover the bonds that otherwise would be forfeited.

Accident Investigations

We interview witnesses, identify defendants, and look for foreign liability to maximize recovery in foreign courts for accidents that take place in Costa Rica.

Criminal Investigations

we have successfully investigated and located proper legal defense for foreign nationals that have been charged with a crime in Costa Rica. We have also provided the legal support to defend against Costa Rican extradition requests to foreign governments.

Services of Foreign Process

we will locate and serve almost all types of foreign process and provide adequate proofs of service to satisfy any court.

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